Dream The concept of the creation of this latest collection comes from the moment when we are dreaming. 



This collection was inspired by the power of nature to create something beautiful and powerful creatures on this planet.

A moment in time to be happiness and distress or sadness go away entirely. By looking at the world in a new perspective...


The childhood memories bring inspiration in the works of this collection by handful of Scouting when they were young that was founded by King Rama 6, taking courses, as scouts from England who thought up Lord Baden Powell.


Bring back the effect from Scientific Revolutions on thoughts and beliefs into this collection, especially the major clashes between science and religion that influence people to become more and more individualistic and neglect to God.

                     Wild for life
In this collection, designer inspired by the beginnings of animals and nature painting. This is why we have linked the emotions of the painting that is being made into the design of the collection. To tell the story about the relationship between humans, animals and nature in this summer collection.

            The British East India Company
Continuing from the previous collection AW16 (Galileo Galile, Science and Industrial Revolution).The designer picks up the story of  the colonization of Europeans timeline, by spotlighting on British colonialism in India an inspiration.


       Mountain (Highlander) Princesses
The inspiration for this collection from the Tribes of southwest China. Designers integrated the culture of dressing style decorations and the elements of traditional jewelries across Tibet, Yunan and all the way to Xishuangbanna.