Name Trustworthy

Code SN01

Materials Blue crystal (Emerald cut, Round cut, 

Maquise cut), Fabric beads embroidery,

Brass,Synthetic pearl

Weight 100 G

Size 22 CM

Price 9,900 THB

Name Love

Code SN07

Materials Natural pearl, Clear crystals (Round cut), Fabric beads and silver metallic embroidery, Brass

Weight 42 G

Size 28 CM

Price 8,000 THB

Name Prince

Code SN06

Materials Synthetic pearl, Natural pearl, Violet and clear crystals (Emerald cut),Clear crystals (Round cut), Fabric bead embroidery, Brass

Weight 230 G

Size 30 CM

Price 12,000 THB

Name Patrol necklace

Code SN03

Materials Synthetic pearl, Natural pearl,

Crystal (Black scissors cut), Fabric bead


Weight 208 G

Size 28 CM

Price 9,800 THB

Name Leader

Code SN04

Materials Synthetic pearl, Smoky quartz (Oval cut), Onyx (Sphere shape), Synthetic gem (Violet princess cut), 925 sterling silver (Gold plate)

Weight 340 G

Size 39.5 CM

Price 79,000 THB

Name No.1

Code SN02

Materials Crystal (Pear cut), Fabric beads

embroidery, Brass, Mixed metal

Weight 27 G

Size 20 CM

Price 7,900 THB 

Name Take care

Code SN05

Materials Synthetic pearl, Onyx (Sphere cut), Synthetic gem (Blue princess cut),


Weight 58 G

Size 27 Cm

Price 9,000 THB

Name Meeting

Code SN08

Materials Synthetic pearl, Synthetic gem (Clear half violet mixed cut), Onyx (Sphere shape), Brass

Weight 200 G

Size 29 CM

Price 12,000 THB